We’ve worked with agencies for 30+ years, so we know how the industry works. We know what owners, managers, directors, agents, and accountants need to work better.

For large agencies and groups — high-volume, multi-location, and/or international — we offer a five-tier solution stack, with our Accounting Booking Link Engine (“ABLE“) connecting your booking system to our full-featured, robust MTA agency accounting and management system. For small agencies with one location, we offer a three-tiered solution stack with ABLE connecting directly to your billing system.

Agency Business Architecture:

  1. Booking System (imaging, scouting, jobs, usages, expenses)
  2. Accounting-Booking Link/Engine (our “ABLE” platform)
  3. MTA (accounting & management software)
  4. General/Ledger Update-Export (our “GLUE” integration)
  5. G/L & Accounting (country-specific and localized software)
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Localized & Country-Specific Accounting: 

Since the beginning, our clients asked us to connect the sub-ledgers of MTA to their country-specific G/L (general ledger) systems, as well as various financial, banking, reporting, and analytic systems worldwide. Our GLUE integration tool has made all that possible! 

Full-Stack Agency Solution:

Currently, we are developing the next-generation of MTA to run in the cloud. Our core accounting and management platform will be available in two Service Levels:

  1. Dedicated = premium business consulting, training, and support, tax filing-reporting and audit assistance, new reports and small customizations, etc. (Included in fixed monthly subscription fee.) 
  2. Self-Serve = basic application support, DIY tools, online help, etc. (Services billed additionally, upon request.)

Want to run better, lower costs, and increase profits at your agency?

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