Launching AgencyMGR will get your agency up and running on the best and most efficient, cost-effective, easy-to-use, business management and accounting platform. Initialization consists of prepping, loading, migrating, reconciling your data, plus connecting it to your other systems (if possible). Initialization is a one-time project and fees for the work up-front.

The well-planned Initialization and successful launch of AgencyMGR will ensure that your agency runs efficiently, with lower operating costs, enabling daily management and accounting tasks to be accomplished quickly and easily. It all begins with the preliminary hard work to get you up-and-running smoothly from day one… 


  • Installing > setup server (on-premise or cloud-based), configure user computers and mobile devices, coordinate with your IT provider (or we can recommend one).
  • Converting > clean legacy data into usable form and optimize for the new platform.
  • Initializing > migrate history, load master data, import client-vendor-talent-mother-agency lists, configure settings, etc.
  • Accounting > configure connection to your localized, country-specific G/L system.
  • Training > hands-on, to get your team functional and profitable on the new platform.
  • Consulting > strategic business planning, to prepare for launch.

Want to run better, lower costs, and increase profits at your agency?

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