Running AgencyMGR means operating your agency on the best and most efficient, cost-effective, easy-to-use, business platform, tailored to your agency, and delivered as a monthly subscription.

But once Initialization of AgencyMGR is completed and the platform launched, you don’t just get software — you get a full suite of world-class business support services — INCLUDED in your monthly service/software licensing and subscription fee!


  • Application Support
    • Total, complete, ongoing & on-demand.
    • Whatever you need to keep systems running smoothly.
    • Phone, Remote/Onsite resolution of user errors, issues, problems, etc.
  • Break-Fix Support
    • Correct errors, fix problems, re-writes & adjustments.
    • We fix anything that goes wrong with our software!
    • Luckily, our software is so reliable, there’s not much to fix…
  • Update Support
    • Enhancements, New Features & Maintenance Releases.
    • Incremental “releases” as they come out during the year.
    • Small fixes, code updates, functional improvements, etc.
  • Training Support
    • Refresher training, review new/unused features, etc.
    • Review new functionality in updates & maintenance releases.
    • Training on previously unused functionality as requirements change.
    • Hands-on, walk-through, day-in-the-life sessions for new personnel.
  • Consulting Support
    • Business optimization, management, operations & agency-specific.
    • When asked, we are happy to advise on agency strategy (confidentially, of course!)
  • Version Support
    • All new/major releases & versions of AgencyMGR.
    • You get each new module & new, full version, when released.
    • All new functionality, new modules & new platforms.
    • Annual review session of how our solutions are serving your needs.
    • Document changes needed & what we can do better in the year ahead.

Want to run better, lower costs, and increase profits at your agency?

Contact us!

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