What you represent, we will manage.

Accounting & financial management solutions for model-talent-artist agencies.


Model Talent Artist or “MTA” provides world-class software and services to model, talent, artist, and all other types of agencies. We develop, install,  support, and optimize systems — accounting, billing, finance, management, operations — connected to your booking, CRM, and your country-specific accounting.

Each MTA agency accounting solution is delivered as monthly subscription, which combines Software-as-a-Service or “SaaS” with consulting and support services into a fixed monthly fee. It’s built from the ground up to work like an agency, NOT a generic accounting system!

Your talent and mother agencies can be treated as clients and/or vendors, so you can easily apply chargebacks, adjust accounts, and produce accurate statements. Our agency accounting and financial management suite also provides industry-leading reporting, transparency, and data history for talent and mother agency accounts.

To connect your booking system to your accounting system, we created the Accounting-Booking Link-Engine or “ABLE” integration tool. ABLE moves job, usage, and expenses billing from booking into agency accounting for cash receipts, collections, reconciliations, model statements, etc.

We also offer a General Ledger Update-Export or “GLUE” integration tool, which links agency accounting to your localized accounting system. The GLUE binds our sub-ledger accounting to your banking and operating data, within the general ledger of the agency’s country-specific accounting system.

Want to run better, lower costs, and increase profits at your agency?

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